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Healing semi-precious gemstones

In our fast-paced lives, finding moments of tranquility and opportunity for self-expression can be priceless.

Beading, a craft that transcends time and culture, offers a therapeutic experience. The rhythmic process of selecting, stringing and creating becomes a meditative practice that soothes the soul. Time slows down and the outside world fades away.

Relieve stress and lose yourself for a few hours at one of our wellbeing workshops....

Male participant creating a bracelet at corporate wellbeing beading workshop

Corporate Wellbeing Workshops

We offer customisable workshops or a "drop-in & create" sessions to employers who wish to provide a unique therapeutic experience for their staff. 

Our 'bead therapy' assists in stress reduction, creative enhancement and promotion of mindfulness.

Girl choosing beads at birthday jewel party

Schools & Educational Settings

Book a workshop for your students to enjoy a few creative hours learning a new skill. Our workshops are great for improving motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The calming atmosphere will help children and young people with focus and concentration  whilst engaging in a fun learning experience.

Jewellery workshop with Multiple Sclerosis Society service users

Health & Social care

Jewel Parties works with healthcare and social care providers to design workshops for their service users and staff. Benefits include increased confidence and improved mental health, motor skills and general wellbeing. Most recently we have worked with people living with MS and a

stroke recovery group.

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